Erase Emotional Trauma from
the Events of Your Past
Welcome to Emotional Resilience Mastery:
As crazy as that sounds, it's true.
We want you to permanently remove emotional trauma from the events of your past by yourself.
We call trauma, and the limiting beliefs created by trauma, "mental and emotional trash".

You know you have "trash" if you answer "yes" to any of these:

  • Has your inner critic become your inner saboteur? 
  • Are you often annoyed, irritated, anxious, or angry?
  • Are you tired of being triggered, hijacked, and bullied?
  • ​Are you ready to reclaim your emotions from the cultural rollercoaster?

Ever feel like you’re not making the difference that you know you can or not having the impact needed by the world now more than ever?

Ever feel like you’re not getting your message across to the people you want to reach?

Ever feel unsure how to communicate the impact of your work in a way that draws in ideal clients?
If you aren't standing fully confident in the impact of your work, your own limiting beliefs from unresolved past traumas could be getting in the way.
Interesting isn’t it, how our clients aren't the only ones with limiting beliefs; as humans, we all have them.
On your Conscious Transformational Journey, you'll learn to permanently erase emotional trauma from the events of your past, without ever having to talk about them.
And to ensure that you really understand how it works, during the course, you'll receive two one-on-one sessions with a Certified Conscious Transformational Coach.
  • This class is for you if you want freedom from past dramas.
  • This class is for you if you want off the self-help merry-go-round.
  • This class is for you if you want the ability to stay calm and focused.
  • ​This class is for you if you're ready to have control over your emotions and your life.
Here's what you get . . .
6 weekly, online, 90-min classes with Jackie - value $1,997
Recordings of every class - value $997 
Assessments, Templates, and Worksheets - value $997 
Recording of "Bring in the Light" guided meditation - value $197
Recording of "Create Your Connection to Soothing Energy" - value $197
Recording of "Erasing Emotional Trauma from an Event in your Past" - value $995
2 one-on-one emotional trauma resolution sessions with a certified Conscious Transformational Coach. One session before the third class and one call after the course ends - value $2,497
BONUS: 1 ticket to the 3-day "Your Story or Your Life: Rewrite Your Story, Reclaim Your Life" 
July 8-10, 2022 - value: $1,997
Classes start Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 3:30pm EST
All classes are recorded and if you have a group,
we'll customize days and times for you!

Seating is limited.