We believe everything in your life is about to get more wonderful . . .
 . . . Yes, everything!
Welcome to
Build Your Self-Empowerment Blueprint:
Your Catalyst for Creating (and Increasing) Momentum

The power to create the life you desire and deserve has always been yours, we're here to help you clear away what's in the way.

    In this course you’ll discover: 
    Week 1: Radical Accountability: How to take ownership of every area of your life and business. 
    Week 2: Extreme Forgiveness: How to make peace with everything and everyone. 
    Week 3: Trash Talk: How to permanently resolve your own negative emotional history without talking about it - ever. 
    Week 4: Supercharged Super Powers: How to trust that who you already are is good enough. 
    Week 5: The Story You Came In With: How to rewrite the story you're living. 
    Week 6: S.A.L.E.S. Talk: How to ask for money, even a lot of money, with confidence. 
    Week 7: Beyond Vulnerable: How to get OK with being seen for all that you are.
    Week 8: Radical Acceptance: How to stop comparing, judging, and criticizing.
    Week 9: Commitments That Count: How to keep going even when you don't want to.

    This course is for you if you're:
    Ready to be trigger-free and have control over your moods.
    Ready to trust your own opinions and live according to them.
    Ready to see yourself, and be seen by others, as a leader.

    By the end of this course, you’ll have permanently dialed down the drama in your life, removed a few mental and emotional blocks, and turned up your confidence. Guaranteed.          
      You get all of this . . .
      9 weekly, online, 90-min classes with me (Jackie Simmons) - value $4,000
      Recordings of every class - value $2,000
      Assessments, Templates, and Worksheets - value $1,000
      Recording of "Bring in the Light" guided meditation - value $200
      Recording of "The Conscious Transformational Coaching Process" - value $4,000
      Four Mediation Recordings that create muscle memory to Four Positive, Powerful States of Emotion. Muscles that you'll use forever. - value $800
      BONUS 1: Two one-on-one sessions with a certified Conscious Transformational Coach so that your load of emotional baggage gets lighter immediately and stays lighter permanently. - value $2,497 
      BONUS 2: Complete 7-week Quick-Start Sales Guide and Presentation: "How to Sell in 7 Minutes or Less" - value: $200 
      Classes start Friday August 5, 2022 at 3:30 PM Eastern Time
      All classes are recorded.