Calling all coaches and healers.

Because your intuition matters, 

watch this video.

Hosted by Jackie Simmons, TEDx Keynote Speaker & multi-certified expert in mindset, manifestation, energetic healing, and transformation. 



Are you ready to trust
your intuition enough to guarantee results
for your clients?

What about making them a
Five-Figure Offer?

Jackie Simmons and Miro Heynik are partnering again to help you get your five-figure offer 
aligned with your intuitive gifts . . . 

Saturday, February 4, 2023
Noon - 2pm Pacific Time

Introducing the:
Intuitive Immersion Experience


Limited space available for the full VIP package!

Upgrade to VIP and receive 1:1 attention from a Conscious Transformational Coach, which includes a 1:1 Resolution Session to remove at least 2 negative emotional triggers before the event. (value: $2,000) 

 Along with your private CTC session, you'll be supported by your coach during each day of the experience.
 (value: $1,500)

 In addition, you'll also receive advanced access to tools that identify your specific trigger points to prosperity. This assessment will prepare you for transformation. (value: $200)

 Plus, you'll receive all recordings of the event, all handouts and slides, and special gifts from our speakers. (value $1,000)

You'll receive:

Business Building Keys
from our expert speakers on:
ConfidenceCertainty, and Credibility.

Plus the Intuitive Immersion Experience to
create complete alignment between
your "Wise Intuitive Higher Self"
and your offers.

This means that you can stop trying to
"figure it out" and start allowing
people to buy from you.

Business Building Keys
from our expert speakers on:
Confidence, Certainty, and Credibility.
Plus the Intuitive Immersion Experience to create complete alignment between
your Wise Intuitive Higher Self
and your offers, so that you can stop trying to "figuring it out" and start allowing people to buy from you.


Rev. Kelly: "I used to choke asking for $400 per client per month, now I'm delighted to receive $2,000 per client per month. And it took less than 6 months."

If you get to work with a Conscious Transformational Coach, be prepared to have your world rocked . . .
 in a good way
Jackie’s a magician . . .
 . . . shifted my universe . . .
 . . .  can’t believe I’m not upset anymore . . . 

Nobody comes into Jackie’s world and leaves with the same attitude and mindset they came in with. It just doesn’t happen.
 The first time I ever experienced Conscious Transformational Coaching with Jackie Simmons,
I knew I wanted to learn how to do it . . . it's fast, it's effective. It works the first time and every time and I can't think of a better gift to be able to share with people. I feel so satisfied, so nourished with this work. I can't recommend it enough. 

Rev. Kelly Kaelin

 When I signed up for Jackie’s various programs, I did not know I was going to learn a new language and a better way of communicating, not just with my clients, but in everyday life. Jackie is truly a master at what she does. She talks it, she walks it, she lives it, and I can now emulate that knowledge and new skill set and share as best I know. What I have learned is priceless. A very heart-felt thank you Jackie. 

Alexi Bracey

 I recently had a conscious transformation session with Jackie Simmons to transform my sense of shame . . . it was affecting everything I'm doing now in terms of running my own business, having competence in my product, and making sales. After one session . . .  I not only overcame that shame . . . I let go of so much more . . . I have a renewed sense of self-confidence and assuredness and peace that I don't think I've ever felt in my life. This was an amazing experience. So, I just want to let you all know that this is something that works. It works quickly. And it is a technique that I was able to do that continues to bring me peace and calm and confidence every single day. 

Dumont Owen

 I first met Jackie, I felt like I had tried everything. There was one really big story, really big trauma, that I have not been able to let go of. And within one session of working with her, truly, it was gone. I felt this relief, I felt this sense of compassion and forgiveness and the electrical charge around the situation that I had not been able to let go of before, left me. 

Jana Niksa

 Jackie gave me the freedom to fully embrace who I am in all my magnificence. Before working with Jackie, I was riddled with the stress and overwhelm rooted in the limiting belief that "I am not good enough." Through working with her, I was able to release that limiting belief easily and quickly, which opened the door to a radical clarity and confidence I have never experienced before. I now have a thriving business that I am enthusiastic about and brings me true fulfillment and joy. If you are ready to break through your self-imposed glass ceiling, work with Jackie. 

Pauline Victoria

About Jackie Simmons

Jackie helps coaches and healers create radical self confidence and certainty in your  work, your worth, and the value your clients receive.

Jackie believes that coaches and healers make the biggest difference and have the biggest impact on the world and that you deserve an income in alignment with that impact.

Jackie is a multi-certified expert in mindset, manifestation, energetic healing, and transformation. She is the creator and curator of the Conscious Transformational Coaching certification program.

Guest Speakers

Erin Jeck

The Key to Unlocking Your Money Blocks

Erin’s known for her ability to fast-track the income of speakers and experts. She's bringing her money block removal system to you so that you can easily take action on your vision.

Catharine O’Leary

The Key to Asking The Best Questions To Attracting Your Best Clients

Catharine is known for asking the best questions to attract the best clients and is internationally known as “The Quiz Queen”. She’s bringing her unique quiz client attraction system so you can build relationships with conversations that convert to clients.

Miro Heyink

The Key to Five-Figure Offers that Sell Themselves

Miro’s known for exponentially growing the revenue of anyone in his circle by building collaborative relationships in minutes, not months. Miro’s sharing his “magic offer blueprint” so that you can grow even faster.

Janine Bolon

The Key to Profitable Programs

Janine's known for her “Planned Profitability Programs." She’s bringing her profit acceleration strategies to you so that you have your own money roadmap to follow.

Michael Whitehouse

The Key to Building Community

Michael’s known for making connections that make a difference and make money for all concerned. He’s bringing his community-building strategies to you so that you can stop running groups and start leading your tribe.

What’s included:

Business Building Keys
from our expert speakers on:
Confidence, Certainty, and Credibility.
Plus the Intuitive Immersion Experience to create complete alignment between
your Wise Intuitive Higher Self
and your offers, so that you can stop trying to "figuring it out" and start allowing people to buy from you.

Expert-led presentations on the keys to building
a profitable "intuitive business"

Laser Coaching on wrapping a business around
your intuitive gifts

Guided imagery journeys into your future led by Jackie

Building your fully-aligned 5-figure offer

Reality Role-play, accent on PLAY

Day 1: Construct your "Roadmap to Revenue" (video)

Day 2: Remove whatever’s in the way of implementing (LIVE)

Day 3: Align your Vision with your Values and
MAKE your Offer (LIVE)

We’re going to use the latest in neuroscience, intuitive mastery, positive psychology, future history mapping,
trauma-informed inquiry to reset
your mindset on what’s possible.

Join us online as we stream
LIVE from Hawaii and 
create your path
to the influence, impact, and income
that you desire and deserve.


**** BONUS ONE ****
UNLIMITED Sales:  (Immediate Access) 1-hour workshop on the three keys to easily enrolling your ideal clients.
($197 value)

**** BONUS TWO ****
Get Out of Your Own Way and Get What You Want Faster: (Immediate Access) 1-hour Masterclass for rewriting the limiting beliefs that hold you back.
($77 value)

**** BONUS THREE ****
How to Turn a Compliment into a Testimonial: (Immediate Access) micro-training on the four steps to getting great testimonials.
($27 value)

We're so certain that you'll get massive value from this event, that if you wouldn't drive to the next town and rent a castle to ensure that you could get online to continue attending,
just let us know,
we'll refund your money . . .
and you keep all  the bonuses.

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