Unleash Your UNLIMITED Confidence in Business, Relationships, and Income by Attending THIS 3-Day Event.

Are you gifted, even brilliant, yet hesitate when it comes to stating a price that matches your value?

Are you tired of getting great results for your clients and then struggling to get new ones?

Are you ready to face the world with unshakable, unlimited confidence and certainty?

If the struggle and hesitation could both be permanently eliminated in one weekend, are you interested? 

We’ve Uncovered the Keys to Gaining the Confidence, Certainty, and Credibility You Need to Speak the Truth of Your Value and Gathered Them All In One Place. Online. 

Is it Time for You to Experience Yourself as Ready for “Prime Time?”

Are you ready for MORE?

Are you ready to have more impact?

Are you ready to be more inspiring?

Are you ready to give yourself permission to want MORE?

This 3-day event is specifically designed to help you end the inequality between the value and impact you have in the world and the compensation you receive for it.

Now you too can be powerfully positioned to start the
new year with unlimited confidence. 

You CAN help your clients build the lives of their dreams and build your own at the same time without being preachy, teachy, or salesy.

You just need a guide who walks you step-by-step on the journey so that you can focus on your brilliance and be easily found by your audience. 

Introducing . . .


Later on, I'll give you three reasons WHY building your own self-confidence is the best way to free yourself from your current limits on influence, impact, and income.

But first, I want to talk about what you might have experienced, because I've heard these a lot . . .

  • Have you put together offers only to have your ideal clients say they have to “call you back?”
    (How discouraging is that?)
  • ​Have you been actively listening and when you reflect their words back to them, they roll their eyes at you?
    (Like talking to a teen?)
  • ​Have you given your best guidance and found that your words were totally ignored?
    (Frustrating, right?)
  • ​Do you have TONS of expertise that effectively and efficiently addresses what your ideal clients struggle with but find the thought of making an offer to them overwhelming?

You’re not alone. 
AND your offer, your brilliance, your results are needed now more than ever.

will give you everything you need to shift your mindset on who you’re here to serve, gain clarity
on how you serve them best, and develop
unlimited confidence that YOU ARE the
right person for the job. 

Six modules cover everything you need to know - including topics not covered elsewhere. This is NOT a “listen-only” event, come prepared to participate and implement. 

Part 1
Own IT:

One of the reasons sales conversations are avoided is that they feel awkward to both you and your ideal client.
Part 1 covers the foundations of certainty in who you are and the value you provide.

Part 2
Trust IT:

This means stop letting the bully in the room or the one in your head keep you from speaking up and asking for what you want.
Part 2 uncovers the real reason that you don’t have everything you want yet and the solution. You’ll get real-time experience with “bully control.”

Part 3
Envision IT:

Many coaches and healers are missing the most important tool a business or relationship can have: a clear vision regarding what success will look like.
Part 3 covers the pieces of your vision and its alignment with your values.

Part 4
Plan IT: 

As important as a vision is, a vision without the mission plan often stays a dream.
Part 4 covers the specific steps that turn dreams into realities.

Part 5
Grow IT:

This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to confidence. Building a collaborative team must come sooner rather than later. Often collaboration is the last place we spend our precious time and yet it’s the critical piece if you want to grow.
Part 5 covers the essential steps of building a sustainable community.

Part 6
Share IT:

The true value of unlimited confidence shows up in your willingness to share what you’re up to, what you’re excited about, and what you’ve created that makes the world and the lives of everyone in the world better (including you!)
Part 6 covers the step-by-step best practices for sharing yourself and your brilliance with the world.

At the end of this event you’ll walk away with clarity of your own vision, a clear plan of implementation for that vision, and the first steps completed.

All six modules include live training, handouts, and laser coaching hotseats.*
*VIPs get first dibs on hotseats

This event is full of specific resources and suggestions to get you unstuck and keep you continually inspired, including:


Each segment is full of entertaining stories that make it fun to grasp the concepts and implementation steps. 


Positive psychology-based mood boosters, assessments, and even repurposable worksheets. 


We provide ongoing support via our online community and access to real-time 1:1 support during the event*
*VIPs only

When this event is over, you won’t ever go back to your default pattern of hiding your brilliance. 

If what I'm sharing here makes sense to you . . . then attending this event is your logical next step.

Here's why:

  • You can skip all the complexity of needing to figure out the reasons why you’ve done what you’ve done in your business and your relationships.
  • You can fast-track your influence and income by following the proven tactics and strategies that launched two movements in the world. 
  • You can relax knowing you can tap into the minds of experts who’ve used positive psychology, neuroscience, neurobiology, and impulse control to build businesses and relationships that are resilient enough to thrive. 
  • ​You can sleep soundly knowing that your investment of time and treasure is GUARANTEED to produce results. If at the end of Day 1 you don’t feel that you’ve already received massive value to the point that you’d drive to the next state and rent a castle if that's what it took to attend the rest of the event, we’ll refund 100% of your money. 
  • ​You can choose to be the expert in the room! If you want, you can immediately get interviews on podcasts and summits so that your ideal clients can find you.

What's included in UNLIMITED Confidence LIVE:

  • How to stay calm and confident in any setting. 
  • How to master the attitude that attracts the best clients, teammates, and life partners in the world. 
  • How to write your vision statement so that it pulls your dreams to you as if by magic. 
  • ​How to know you’re taking the right actions with the right people at the right times. 
  • ​How to build relationships instantly so that you never have to wait for someone to get to “know, like, and trust” you before they want to hire you. 
  • ​How to be confident even when you’re feeling vulnerable. 
  • ​How to build rapport easily so that you connect quickly with an audience or an ideal client.
  • ​How to share that you care without getting sucked into commitments that don’t serve you. Includes the two “elephants” you must tame to stay sane.
  • ​PDFs of all of the slides to make reviewing and implementing the training easy!
  • ​A series of follow-up emails to give you more details and inspire you to implement the training.

My Promise to You:

You’ll be able to stand in certainty of who you are and the value you bring into the world. You’ll communicate both clearly in ways that compel your listener to ask for more information about working with you.

YAY! Bonuses!

Choose to attend today and you’ll receive:

Bonus ONE: Immediate access to “How to Focus and Finish Anything” - A tool for getting rid of distractions so that you can spend your time on what really matters
($17 value)

Bonus TWO: Immediate access to “How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Get What You Want Faster” - A fun video workshop and workbook to help you tame limiting beliefs
($77 value)

Bonus THREE: Immediate access to “How to Sell in 7 Minutes or Less!” - A video workshop that will help you present to any group with more confidence and energy
($197 value)

If you aren’t satisfied that you’re receiving massive value, way beyond your investment, in just the first day, let us know and we’ll refund your money.

There’s no risk to learn these strategies, and you have a LOT to gain.

For less than the price of a good meal, you can invest in a training that brings peace of mind and a sense of certainty of your value. Isn't it worth it to get so confident that offers become a natural part of your conversations? 

Earlier I promised you I would explain the three reasons WHY building your own self-confidence is the best way to free yourself from your current limits on influence, impact, and income. 

  • Reason #1 No More Mixed Messages: How you show up in the world does more to influence the impression you make than anything you say or do.
  • Reason #2 The Attraction Factor: When you show up as confident, you’re wearing the most attractive attitude a person can have. Your ideal clients will want to hang out with you in the hopes that it’s contagious. 
  • Reason #3 Get Time Back: You stop waiting for the “right” moment to speak up or the “right” person to show up, and you start confidently sharing who you are and what you do. This frees up your time to focus on what’s truly important to YOU. 

And one more thing!

I mentioned that you'll get follow-up emails to give you more details and keep you on track. AND we want to support you all the way, so during the 3 months after you attend the event, you can reply to any email and ask a question — and we'll answer. Maybe there's something you don't understand. 

Maybe you're stuck on how to answer a question or objection. Whatever it is, we'll help you. We've got your back to help you change lives, one ideal client 
(or group of them) at a time.