Your Story or Your Life
Let's Rewrite Your Story,
so that You Can 
Reclaim Your Life!

What if you could change your story? Rewrite it on your terms? Find the hero story that’s buried inside of you?

Would it be lifesaving?

Would it be life changing?

Would it transform your life?

And, what if we told you that you could change your story forever in just 3 days?

Imagine for a moment:

You confidently KNOW that you are the coolest person in the room? Every room. Every time.
You stop trying to "walk your talk" and confidently walk your walk and talk your talk, certain that you are in your truth.

You increase your influence, your impact, and your income simply because you are running your business your way, according to your new story.

If this is what you want for your life, and your business, then I invite you to join me for the most transformative 3-days you will ever experience.

Your Story or Your Life

July 8-10, 2022
9am-5pm Pacific (Noon-8pm Eastern)

During these 3-days, our team will guide your journey to rewrite the story you’ve been telling yourself, the one you’ve been buying and selling yourself, about who you are, how the world works, and who you can be in the world.

We will give you the courage, strength, and conviction to believe that with your new story, you’ll know you are the right person for the job. Every time. Guaranteed.

How will this happen?

During the event: 

A Certified Conscious Transformational Coach will act as your personal concierge, supporting you every step of the way. Come prepared to participate. The transformation you’re looking for is an inside job. 

After this event: 

You’ll speak about the pain you’ve overcome, and your clients have overcome, in a way that inspires you so much that your ideal client will be inspired by you and want to work with you!

Remember, you cannot change your story with willpower alone. Our methods are unique and specific to creating the transformation you’re looking for. You’ll rid yourself of a story that doesn’t serve you anymore.

These 3-days are for you if:

  • You believe “imposter syndrome'' was written about you and it’s a huge block stopping you from success. 
  • Your ideal clients don’t immediately “get” that you’re the solution they’re looking for (because you don’t believe it yourself). 
  • You want to close the gap between your “business persona” and who you are on the inside so that you’re showing up 100% “you” everywhere. 

These 3-days are NOT for you if you’re OK with “fake it till you make it” methods (the root cause of imposter syndrome).

Who is Jackie Simmons?

Author and International Speaker, Jackie Simmons, believes in tackling complex and challenging topics and making sense out of them. As the creator of Conscious Transformational Coaching, Jackie believes that you deserve to guarantee results for your clients, every session, every time.

When you work with Jackie, she’s going to offer you some different thought processes. Jackie always shares alternatives to get you unstuck, find out what’s true and what’s not true – spot the elephant in the room – so that you can have what you want and what you deserve.

By registering to attend this event you agree to the following:

  • YES, I am willing to change.
  • YES, I am willing to take a risk.
  • YES, I am willing to be uncomfortable.
  • ​YES, I am willing to invest in myself.

Penny Fitzgerald 

Jackie is brilliant at cutting through limiting beliefs and helping you rewire the way you think and emotionally react so that you can take action toward what you want and positively impact the most people. Great stuff!

Rosa Payson

I have known Jackie for several years, and she is the kind of person who is there, ready to help. What could be more fitting to her personality than coaching? Today we had a phone session, where she found right away what is blocking me in my personal and professional life (to start with, I didn't think that there was anything blocking me, until she pointed out some things!), she recommended me what to do, and just with one session I feel I gained a lot! Definitely recommend her!

Belinda Alford 

I have worked with Jackie and she is the real deal. She helped me clear through some areas I was challenged with and were causing me quite a bit of stress. She is a wonderful coach. I highly recommend her.

Katie Miller 

Jackie is truly a "Jack(ie) of all Trades." Whether I have a question about how to manage stress or questions about a new business idea, Jackie understands how to explain / help me think through complex issues efficiently. As a result of her vast knowledge base I know Jackie will have a perspective that will move me towards my goals faster. I highly recommend getting to know her.

Chris Sturm 

I know Jackie from my business networking group. She impressed me through her open and confident demeanor. I learned during one of our conversations about her stress management & business coaching.
The course of events in my personal and business live during the past 3 month made me feel overwhelmed and I lacked energy. I had to take control of this stressful situation. I was lucky I had Jackie to help me.
Last week we had our first session. I did not know what to expect. Looking back it was great.
Jackie helped me to discover how much emotional baggage I carried with me from the past. Together we started to get rid of it. Additionally, Jackie gave me tools to deal with it in the future. So such events cannot disturb my life again.
I left my first session knowing I am on the right track to manage my stress and regain quality of life. I feel great. Thank you, Jackie.

Frank Levey 

Jackie has been extremely helpful in many ways. She has been instrumental in helping me with my Education Committee and with BarCamp Sarasota-Manatee activities and events. Jackie is an expert at distilling things down to absolute simplicity. She volunteers thousands of dollars worth of her time to help others. Her expertise and dedication were strongly demonstrated at the BarCamp Sarasota-Bradenton Unconference: (1) She organized and controlled the registration area for two days. (2) She was a presenter for her own 3 Keys to Success topic as well as for my Education Committee. (3) It took her only about 15 minutes to coach Frank Schooley on how to pitch his products and come out the first place winner in the Pitch Contest. This is just a mere sampling of her capabilities. You want a winner? Select Jackie.

George Ishee 

Jackie is one of those few people I proudly recommend. She has a way of cutting through the clutter and making complex things seem easy. She practices compassion but is a driven business person and she is respected by me and everybody I know that knows her.
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