If someone's struggling with suicidal thoughts - don't wait, HUG them now and tell them: 

"Heaven Doesn't Need Another Angel, 
Heaven Knows Someone Needs You Here!"

If someone's started making suicidal plans - DON'T WAIT
Call 1-800-273-8255
Help is available 24 hours a day, everyday.

Make It A Great Day Movement

Why we need a "Movement": 
Over 3,000 teens are attempting to take 
their own lives everyday in the US.

What we're doing:
Breaking the silence around teen suicide. 
Using a book to start the conversations.

How YOU can help: 
Buy any book on this site for $19.99 
and we'll give TWO books to teens for FREE! 

The book is not for you to read . . .
This book is for you share . . .

Everyday someone needs a reminder that they're not alone and that life's not hopeless. 

Please share this book.

Look inside for stories that are real, raw, and sometimes come with dog turds . . .
Here are more books and tools to help you make it a great day.
ALL of them will also generate free books for teens and they make great gifts!
(pick any or all of the books - no limit - and the price includes shipping)
  This book is a vaccine against bullies, jerks,
  and other obnoxious people.

Yes, they will still be obnoxious, but you won't be as annoyed and upset by their behavior, and that is at least something.
In this book are tools 
to help you:
Understand what motivates 
bullies to behave the 
way they do. 

Their behavior has absolutely nothing to do with you -
even though they want 
you to believe it does.

Get ready to save nine weeks
 of time every year; 
increase your 
productivity and 
your income! 

Jessica takes you on a powerful three-step journey to WOW other people, 
your business, 
and YOU! 

This is the 7-week sales mindset mastery guide 
used in The Ultimate Sales Mastery Course

Step-by-step and day-by-day 
Jackie walks you through how to manage your mindset, your sales conversations, and your life. 
Please help us 
END the tide 
of teen suicide. 

If you know an organizer who would like a speaker to come and speak about the mission, please email:

This is by far the best book ever written on how to manage your projects, your time, and your life.

No topic is off-limits from Shauna's practical wit.

The sooner you read this, the sooner you'll have the time, 
fun, and profits that you 

The statistics are that one in three girls and one in five boys are victims of 
incest and abuse . . .

This book is one woman's healing journey to 
reclaim self-love.

Let it inspire you to 
stay and heal. 

NOTE: the title of this book could have just as easily been “The Man I Love.”

Reclaiming self-love is 
one of the keys to 
preventing suicide.

All 7 Keys are taught in the Suicide Prevention Mentors Certification Program.

More Amazing Tools To Improve Your Life . . .

The Greatest Stress Reliever You Can Buy?

Joe Vitale says: 

“A Pulmonica is a special harmonica tuned in such a way as to help people with asthma and other breathing problems . . . 

. . . I bought one and was mesmerized by the unusual music it makes.
It is deep, and stirring. It’s almost like something you’d hear in an ancient cathedral where magic awaits all who enter.

When I recorded with the Pulmonica, we created a track that somehow distorts time. Every time we listen to it, we disappear. Time stops.  

Even though that one track is five minutes long, we listen and feel like it’s only thirty seconds long.

We simply drop all thought. All stresses melt away.  We are “at one” with the essence of life. It’s instant stress relief.  Imagine it…” 

 . . . from the website: guitarmonks.com/invoking-divinity/

Thank you for your help. 
Please share this page and if you want more information about the advocates program, visit: www.MakeItAGreatDayAdvocates.com
We'll all win.  Thank you.

Remember: if someone's started making suicidal plans - DON'T WAIT 
Call 1-800-273-8255 
Help is available 24 hours a day, everyday.

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